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Rowan Berry: 5 Uses for the fruit from the Tree of Life

Rowan berry: Lost secretes of the tree of life

  Dr J Paul Rand has been unlocking lost secrets of one of the oldest friends forgotten by humanity - the Rowan Berry Tree, better known in Celtic, Druid, Viking, and other cultures as "The Tree of Life"...

Described as Dr Dynamic (Rand) by Authority, Medium, ThriveGlobal and Huffongton Post writers, Rand is dedicating his work to saving the only grove of Rowans in the US.

Publication coming 2020 including a feature in the Huffington Post network, INSPIRO travel magazine, and for a limited time FREE FORBES SCHOLARS print publication!

 Learn the iconic 4000 year old history of the Rowan Berry, learn about Dr J Paul Rand's work with combat veterans, crime victims, and designing nationally awarded and endorsed psycho-educational programs at The Ochard. 




Purchase products below and help Dr J Paul Rand save what is believed to be the world's only organic and wild Rowan Berry Orchard. In cooperation with the largest berry winery in the Pacific Northwest, with support from craft distillers, and in partnership with his clinical research partners, Rand provides:

History, The Lore of the Tree of Life:

Explore the cultural ethnographic heritage of the berry that created the first mead; discover the health benefits known as the "Viking Vitamin" and design your own way to help preserve what may be the last Rowan Berry Orchard in the world by incorporating this iconic berry into your diet...

Discover the rich, vibrant and mystical 4000 year old history of The Rowan Berry, better recognized as the Tree of Life, that has all but been forgotten until this ground breaking research. Though Rand's work with his team at RSolutions, a detailed history emerges around the lore of Tree of Life. Incredible recent research connects culture and legend with ground breaking understandings in neurological research, and the history of libations, health, and humanity are explored in Rand's publication. 

Health, 7 Evidence-based Health Benefits:

The Rowan Berry has been recently called the #VikingVitamin. But why? Through Rand's research it has been discovered that Rowan Berry provides incredible health properties. The Rowan Berry:

Rand covers the iconic history of the Rowan Berry in his publication. But true to his expertise as an applied-researcher, Rand has cultivated opportunities for you to unlock the magic, taste, lore and health properties for yourself. 

Scroll down to read the Huff-Post Network feature and Digital Journey of The-Orchard.org



The Tree of Life is going extinct, but you can help!

Dr J Paul Rand seeks to ensure everyone can participate in supporting The Orchard. While executive membership is required to attend events at the The-Orchard individuals can purchase products that ensure the Rowan Orchard is preserved. 

As a tree of protection every year for a decade Rand supported combat veterans through recreational therapy in a DoD/VA endorsed system.  

We recognize that due to pricing not all options can meet a budget but remember the Rowan is a product to use in moderation - soap, pens, tea, vodka and wine... 

REAL impact with REAL Rowan Products! 

Huffington Post: The Journey of the Rowan at The Orchard

Interview with Dr J Paul Rand in Huffington Post Outlets


As a part of my interview series about the ‘5 Things We Can Each Do Help  Solve The Loneliness Epidemic’ I had the pleasure to interview Dr. J.  Paul Rand MBA, CPCN. Dr Rand, is the owner of RSolutions located at  The-Orchard.org — an organically different applied think-tank in  Seattle, Washington. Rand contributes research and organizational  perspectives through the Business Journal Leadership Trust available in 43 cities monthly. He is regularly featured in this outlet, but has appeared in NBC, CBS, Forbes, Huffington Post. As a cultural performance research psychologist, he is dedicated to putting the human back into the digital era with his work.

Thank  you so much for doing this with us Dr. Rand! Our readers would love to  “get to know you” a bit better. Can you share your “backstory” with us?  What was it that led you to your eventual career choice?

Much  of my career has been focused on organizational development (OD)  working with 85% of the personnel departments based on Seattle,  Washington. It is here that my corporate consulting and research takes a  turn from all things corporate in the “City of Companies” (Seattle) to understanding the lived experience using a very unique, organically-dynamic method of human performance  and cultural research! Aside from educational and organizational  consulting, though, amidst the downtown Seattle rain, beyond the glass  towers of Amazon, the Boeing plants and airplane fuselages, and well  below the iconic Space Needle, exists a small, quiet, grove: The-Orchard.

The  programs I have designed takes a deep dive into the cultivation of the  inner character by understanding, discovering, and creating a personal  framework that empower individuals to distill confident clarity in their  lives by seeking to live, learn, and lead a significant life.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started your career?

After  losing several friends in the War on Terror, I started conducting  research on site at The-Orchard in 2007 motivated by a desire to help  while returning to school to earn a PhD in psychology (featured in a variety of outlets including this one recently).

In  2014 I was endorsed by the VA/Dept of Defense leader overseeing the  traumatic brain injury services stating my program did more in three  months than their programs could in three years (really it was to  cooperation of both, I believe). This led to me being interviewed by a  major media outlet for my outreach programs incubated in my think-tank  dedicated to helping veterans to “get right, find right, and be dynamic” through recreational therapy solutions (which inspired a scene in the movie American Sniper).

(Scroll down for the digital journey introduction, or link to the article in Huff-Post online under Media)

www.the-orchard.org an organically-dynamic journey of the Rowan Huff Post Interview

www.the-orchard.org an organically-dynamic journey of the Rowan Huff Post Interview

Causes and Impacts (interview continued)

Interview with Dr J Paul Rand, Huffington Post Network

Ok, thank you for that. Let’s now jump to the main focus of our interview. According to this story in  Forbes, loneliness is becoming an increasing health threat not just in  the US , but across the world. Can you articulate for our readers 3  reasons why being lonely and isolated can harm one’s health?

Recently, this topic came up when I was presenting my book DadJob live on 5th Ave Forbes (with my 13 year old, and the importance of  dynamic-success psychology research I have conducted to helping resolve  the crisis).

You  know, some 250 or 300 years ago, an Irish ballad was written about the  Rowan Berry Tree, a name not commonly known to most. Maybe you might  recognize its culturally common name: the Tree of Life?

This  poem laments the long-lost friend of humanity. The poem depicts the  tree’s long-life journey in solitude. Historically, the Tree of Life,  specifically Rowan, is said to represent man’s struggle to overcome the  environment against all odds and conditions. Once revered so strongly  that it was a capital offense to cut the tree in some cultures; sadly,  this tree has been all but forgotten by humanity.

Most  people unaware that the Tree of Life is anything more than an iconic  symbol of cultures and beliefs from a bygone era. Believe it or not, the  Tree of Life (the Rowan) is a real tree, but it is on the verge of  going extinct. I think that in many ways the ballad mirrors the  experience shared by many people now feeling lost in the digital era  causing harm by:

Unseen Loss of Self-Appreciation:  Loneliness in my research is directly related to causing individuals to  slip into a spiral, one that is often unseen. A feeling people describe  as being numb to the experience of life. People who are lonely can also  be surrounded by people, making it a difficult condition to detect and  resolve until it is too late. Perceived success matters not; consider  some iconic individuals such as Anthony Bourdain, Heath Ledger, or Robin  Williams.

Overburden Poor Choice Responses: In my cultural research with veterans and other at-risk populations, as  well as with executives and organizational leaders, I find that being  lonely increases stress causing people to seek unhealthy outlets such as  over eating, stagnation in daily routine, drugs, suicide ideation,  risky behavior, and self-defeating thoughts that repress their  self-appreciation, increasing physical ailments.

Physical Ailments/Reduced Well-Being: new research is emerging that many diseases are directly related to one  common denominator: inflammation. High rates of stress, negative  thinking patterns, emotional frustration, anger, anxiety, and depression  are all linked to increased inflammation throughout the body.  Depressive thoughts can lead to increased food consumption; this causes  reduce movement; reduced movement increases poor physical digestion  which new studies link directly to neurological responses that causes  inflammation. Inflammation can lead to more chronic and serious health  conditions. In turn, these ailments directly diminish our long-term  well-being measurements. A vicious cycle.

Being  alone, isolated or being amidst a crowded stadium but still feeling  completely disconnected from humanity is the common definition of human  loneliness. And, just as the nearly forgotten rowanberry, the fruit of  the Tree of Life, has been alone forgotten after years of appreciation  and reverence, it is going extinct. Likewise, the loneliness epidemic is  taking a toll on humanity and harming our mental, emotional, physical,  and health and essence.

Later  in this dialogue, I will share some profound connections between  humanity and the Rowan that really emphasize a profound thought: What does it mean for humanity if we literally allow the Tree of Life  go extinct, despite over 4000 years of cultural heritage and lore from  around the world revering it for its perceived connection to humanity?

On a broader societal level, in which way is loneliness harming our communities and society?

We  are the only species with one unique brain neuron, something I will get  into a bit later, separating our minds from all other mammals. Yet, as a  society we are allowing the digital era to define us; to prohibit our  ability to unlock our organically-dynamic abilities; to go beyond the  digital content, to connect with people in real, right, and profound  ways; to put the human back into our hearts, minds, body and essence.  Why?

Too Fast: We are moving too fast and lost value of the “Speed of patience” to put  dynamic quality into our interactions and lives. More and frequent and  constant exposure is actually linked to reduction in teen pregnancies  since the 1990s, but massive increases in school violence, rates of  anxiety, suicide ideation, drug addiction, and more. I explore the  impact on families and community in my publication Dad-Job with fathers who have lost children, victims of school shootings, and  others directly impacted because of the way loneliness is making a nasty  impact on our communities. Why?

Too much: Too much digital content, too much faster speeds, too much food we do  not need, too much reliance on medications, too much manufactured drama  and hype, too much negativity, too much meaningless content, too much  traffic, too much noise! Consider one of the fastest growing internet  rages (I won’t even honor it by giving you the name) providing mindless,  short clip videos with absolutely no point. Too much! Why?

Too Distracted:  Our attention span is being reduced to such low levels due to over  consumption; so much so that less than 7 people out of 10 who start will  complete this interview to the finish. (that’s ok, I will take my time  in appreciation for those seeking something real, right, and dynamically  different seeking quality over quantity). The fact is, we have reduced  our attention span for entertainment purposes (based on reading  character novels of length) by over 30% in the past five years; for  intellectual content the reduction of attention is so striking you would  not believe them. Why?

Much like the Rowan Tree (Tree of Life)  ballad lamented about humanity loosing value of its once revered  relationship with the Tree of Life; in a way, the technology era is  doing the same to humanity.

Dr J Paul Rand in Authority, Medium, ThriveGlobal and more on The-Orchard.org, an dynamic journey

Dr J Paul Rand in Authority, Medium, ThriveGlobal and more on The-Orchard.org, an dynamic journey

Solutions: Keep focused. Live. Learn. Lead

HUFF-POST Interview: Solutions that lead The-Orchard Journey:

Ok. it is not enough to talk about problems without offering possible solutions. In your experience, what are the 5 things each of us can do to help solve the Loneliness Epidemic. Please give a story or an example for each. 

I have a motto from The-Orchard.org: Inspira Disciplina Ducatus, Latin is great because it has such depth of meaning, much like the organically-dynamic person each of us can be in life. 

In short, this motto means successfully discovering your organically-dynamic essence, a process and a journey in one focus to:

LIVE: living, intentionally valued experiences. One of the most popular programs at The-Orchard.org has been taking a technology time-out: discover interesting, fun, and excitingly organic contributions you have to offer others close to you. Value real, right, and quality experience. 

LEARN: Learning is the capacity to shape the future, the power of knowledge. Learning is the capacity to cultivate our experience including altering positive, stronger, and healthier brain functions that are not only good for each person but are interconnected among all of humanity. Believe it or not, but there is a recent discovery about the Tree of Life, the 4000-year-old cultural lore, and modern neuroscience that just might change everything you think you know, and I will share that next.

LEAD: Everything starts when you lead to discover something profound in life. Learning is constant; Engage with interesting people and activities; Align your strengths to be dynamic, no matter how small your real efforts may be; Define a brighter tomorrow with real intent and not virtual hype. (LEAD). Start by doing something dynamic daily, no matter how small: get up, brush your teeth, make your bed, go for a walk, smile or wave at everyone who passes by. Just start doing something different to break a mode of feeling alone that is real and not digitally focused.

BE REAL AND SEEK RIGHT: We can only learn to be a friend, by finding interesting, real, and right experiences that we become excited to bring a friend with to enjoy with us. And this is very important in the face of the loneliness epidemic. This starts by learning to recreation through recreation.

Cultivate your Inner-Character: visit The-Orchard.org or participate in a program at your home to discover your organically dynamic self. I outline this process not only in my publication The Orchard: creating healthy habits with technology, but also in several interviews featured in this outlet (google Dr J Paul Rand you will get access to those articles) 

This framework is based off award-winning research and endorsements myself and my team earned in our work guiding veterans in their effort to combat PTSD. If they can overcome such trials, we can all overcome loneliness. 

The remaining journey I will take the audience through is meant to depict how we are applying this framework to an organic experience as a model of the principles above and an organically-dynamic example of doing something dynamic, no matter how small...


Start The DIGITAL Journey of the-Orchard

www.the-orchard.org read Dr Rands 2020 publication, help save The-Orchard!

The Tree of Life: a discovery


Earlier, if you recall, I mentioned that had completely overlooked a fascinating discovery at The-Orchard.org.  Recall the poem I referenced, as I mentioned earlier, your audience might be more familiar with the culturally iconic name: The Tree of Life?

While working on site with veterans in their effort to define success and overcome the trials of their war-time experience – depicted in loneliness, stress, anxiety, and other conditions - little did I know we had an entire grove of 4000-year-old iconic Rowan tree overlooking our efforts! 

This grove of Rowans is the largest and suspected only grove of these trees in the lower 48 states. Growing organically on their own and infused by fresh sea-salt air in the Seattle rain, but otherwise alone and forgotten. Despite the fact that the property is heritage property, we really have no understanding of why they are growing because it’s not a native tree in this area. And they have been there for at least 135 years according to my teams biologist.


Tree of Life: The Rowan, going extinct

 Sadly, this tree is going extinct. Ponder these questions: 

- what does it mean for humanity if we let a tree honored by over 4000 years of cultures across the word as the Tree of Life to go extinct?  

- what does modern science teach us to explain why there was such a strong reverence for this tree to be defined the as the Tree of Life?

- And what might this suggest about the current loneliness epidemic for humans giving the dynamic history we have shared with this tree? 


Significant Outcomes Behind the Journey


We achieved dynamic-success outcomes, recognized by the VA, Department of Defense, and others, working with veterans; but, with The-Orchard.org being in Seattle, and millions feeling alone across the world, my team and I sought a way to create organic impact by leveraging the digital era for positive outcomes. How can we unlock the spirit of a nearly extinct icon that once was central to the faiths of so many cultures? 

And with those questions in mind, we started a journey to discover the answers....

Continue reading the epic journey below

Continue The Journey of the Tree of Life At The-Orchard.org

Based on the Huffington Post Interview Framework of dynamic-success:


In an effort to preserve this only known grove of the rowan trees in the US – versus seeing the lot developed into townhomes - my team is working to create products cultivated from the tree. 

We are doing so in hopes of reaching more people by turning the challenges of the digital era into what we define as a culture strategy by putting human interests first. Further, we are doing so with respect to over 2000 years of written documented lore, based on 4000 years of Celtic, Druid, and the rich and vibrant cultural history surrounding the tree. 

An organically different shift from learning and psychology research, to providing tangible goods to help remind people to be a organically dynamic! An individual’s dynamic-success journey begins with living to align the mind, body, heart and essence that define their significant life, so they can live, learn, and lead themselves through the distractions of the digital era to the discovery of their real, right, and profound legacy to leave. Cultivate inner character.

After all, with so few trees remaining in the world that are organic, we intend to create as much movement through learning, reading, writing, and rediscovering the importance of this living legacy that was once so important to the human experience.  For thousands of years the Tree of Life was considered the Tree of Knowledge, Wisdom and Protection in several different cultures; did you know the US Department of Education logo is the Tree of Life? 

Our work with veterans combating PTSD over a decade ago taught us that by learning to take a technology time-out (such as what we teach at The-Orchard.org) and to put pen to paper, individuals start to unlock the dynamic self. The capacity to shape the future by applying knowledge in the most organic sense possible. 

But the story continues to unfold with modern research drawing interesting connections to the legends of the past. In fact, just the other year researchers and brain neurologists in Seattle recently discovered a single neuron in our brain. The knowledge neuron, you could say, that remarkably resembles the Tree of Life (even sharing the name of its biological brother the rosehip). Imagine that? The only neuron in our brain that separates us (to date) from all other mammals, and it looks strikingly similar to the Tree of Life. A legacy that lives through our shared journey.

A revered tree that brought people together; inspired love, joy, and celebration; what many people living alone no longer enjoy according to the study you shared. 


A legacy...


To guide you through the journey...

  While the digital era has caused many to feel the human is missing, by balancing our message of organically-dynamic research with products and publication we hope that, somehow, we can help preserve this nearly extinct tree. Our efforts dedicated to reminding humanity of the significance it has held in thousands of years of humanity. Leveraging our value for research to reveal profound new science-based explanations for why it was so revered, and doing so while helping people unable to visit the site to rediscover their organically-dynamic essence by establish a healthy relationship with technology. To lead.

We could cut these trees down and develop the land and leave the trees to rot… (much like trolls on social media will shame, bully, and cut people down for no reason other than can, motivated only by a desire to prevent others from overcoming their environment and achieve growth, success, and abundance). 

We could ignore the organically dynamic opportunity and chase after the next over-valued Internet startup sure to be far more popular (in digital counting)…


Instead, we patiently wait for the limbs to fall naturally from the last of these trees growing at The-Orchard.  We do so intentionally respecting a 4000-year-old druid tradition that the tree not ever be cut because man was beget of the tree. And to cut the tree would cut man off from wisdom, protection, and strength to survive. Profound considering this tree represents what could be the single neuron separating our capacity to learn by applying knowledge from all other animals. Regardless of the accuracy of such cultural lore, we wait patiently. Be a friend. 

A Significant pen to represent your significant life

Put Pen To Paper... a must in the digital era


When a branch comes down, a staff biologist dates the tree and branch. It is then cured and sent to a world-leading wooden fountain pen maker; internationally renowned pen maker John Greco.  John has made hand crafted fountain pens for the Pope, Prince Henry, several US Presidents and is probably the humblest heirloom-quality artist in the world! Why? Something real in the digital era. 

To give people the power of knowledge and protection to a person with the power of a significant, hand-crafted pen. As John says, “The history of the Rowan is so unique, the more I learned about the lore the more I wanted to learn. Although I've worked with countless historic woods, this is the first species I've worked on that has such a rich, storied past. It's always exciting to work on something new, but this has really been brought to a new level for me…” To learn. 

As John says, “in this age of mass created and impersonal products…” that despite how lonely you may feel in the digital era, you are a person of significance. Just as veterans, crime victims and others have discovered in programs at The-Orchard.org, the hardest part according to a 12x NY Times Best Selling Author I have worked with is “actually putting pen… to paper.” 

Our collective hope that a significant, custom made, pen will help people remember the value of writing correspondence of significance, not just blast commentary and negativity via the internet… after all, the more you use a wooden fountain pen the more it adapts, describes John. 

Imagine that? An organic, adaptive technology; with 4000 years of cultural history… Something dynamic.

Learn about the pens made by GW Pens, the pen maker to the Pope, Prince Henry, and now the Rowan

Learn about the pens made by GW Pens, the pen maker to the Pope, Prince Henry, and now the Rowan

9000 Year Lore, Libation of the human spirit


Be Original


Through our research we discovered that the records may only extend 4000 years but the living legacy of the Rowan goes back much further. The legend of the Rowan actually goes back over 9000 years to the discovery of libation! In reviewing many mead (honey wine) makers website, there is a common lore that mead was discovered at the base of the Tree of Life. From this all alcohol has been derived (I explore the modern science of this phenomenon and lore in the publication Tree of Life on my website). It was at the base of the Tree of Life man discovered passion, fun, and excitement – the joy of libation, putting a human experience into the survival that was life back then. To live.


Be Dynamic


Through our research we now understand the science behind how honey wine was consistently created by the berry of the tree, honey, and natural fermentation. We have even gone as far as to create original 1st mead R&D at our lab using all organic and natural fermentation processes in the dead of winter just as the lore describes. Organic.


Be Real in the digital era

Yet, despite this legend, the tree has all but been forgotten by humans that revered it for thousands of years…  (As some readers might relate, they are connected to 9000 others on social media, yet feel so alone). Similarly, mead (honey wine) all but disappeared when the Holy Roman Catholic Church switched from costly bees-wax candles to candles made of lard; skyrocketing costs of honey and causing the world to shift away from mead, to wine, and to ale. 

We are using a 700-year-old recipe that’s absolutely amazing and as authentic to original methods used when this spirit would have been consumed on a regular basis across the world. Our gold-medal winning distillery will release the largest global supply of Rowan Berry vodka (ryabinokva) which retails in the EU for over $95 a bottle. Once revered in the NY Times, it is impossible to get anywhere in the United States until now. 

Much like the digital era that has more people feeling bombarded with content and leaving people struggling with what is real and right for them; humanity has lost touch with the organic value provided by the Rowan. Just as the research has helped special forces and combat veterans discover their organically-dynamic self in their effort to confront PTSD, we have launched an organic and uniquely original spirit. One to be sipped while contemplating a life of significance and libation, intentionally crafted from the living legacy that is the Tree of Life. An Original Spirt

continue the journey below... Huffington Post Interview

From a Spirit to the Body...

Rowan Berry Soap


For some, The-Orchard libation may not feel just right, but maybe the 100% natural and organic soap will give you just enough human experience to remember the importance of being real, reaching for meaningful and right actions you can take in life? 

Just like Nordic cultures used the soap (which modern sciences shows has more vitamin C than an orange and more anti-oxidants than a blueberry), this superfood was the go-to super cleaner for many cultures in a world far less antiseptic than today. A product to provide a daily reminder to take care, focus, and be intent in your effort of being organically-dynamic in your personal care. Lead your life, not virtual one.

Motivated by this history at The-Orchard, we are also researching the production of 100% organic, natural soap using the berry (my firm will lead FDA-focused clinical research due to laboratory studies showing the products effectiveness in combating MRSA; something Vikings knew about the Rowan Berry over 1000 years ago). 

As we learned in our research and work with combat veterans at The-Orchard, loneliness can be combated with service and learning. To honor that legacy, and in service to a population struggling from the rapid economic expansion of the digital era, we intend to release a very large number of bars of soap to homeless shelters and encampments. While the medical grade soaps may only be available in the high-end retailers based in Seattle, Washington, we will match the sales with the 100% organic soap, good for nature and for the homeless made for every bar sold in those major Seattle retailers. 

The reverence of the Tree of Life really had to do with the overall use the berry and tree provided ancient cultures from man’s shift as surviving scavengers to cultures of significance over several thousand years. A tree vital to the human existence in mind, body, emotional and spiritually significant ways. It was used for reducing inflammation of the sinus, stomach, and other health systems. It was used to prevent sore throats and strep, and more. As modern neuroscience is showing, the connection of the brain, the gut, and the lived experience impacted by inflammation, was balanced by a single berry from the Rowan. Further explaining its significance for thousands of years. Something right for humanity.


A significant life Journey

Digital Tour Conclusion

 After all, for over 4000 years the Tree of Life (the Rowan) was revered, placed at the center of communities, worn on the kilts of Celtic fighters to ensure protection in the afterlife. It is even claimed by the Nordic legend to have saved the life of Thor. It provided guidance for protection and connected clans, tribes, and communities as the center of focus in many towns. The Rowan even inspired even the original Christmas Tree for its berries last often until the early weeks of December. 

But, with one modernization of society for economic reasons one thousand years ago, humanity started to forget The Tree of Life; much like people feel forgotten amid the advancement of the digital era. (Not unlike posts you make onto social media, ones significant to you when you put them out to the world, just to watch them fade away lost in everything else going on...). 

So, while we culturally interpret the “lens of life” (as The-Orchard.org photographic researcher Christopher Saint Germain describes) of the Druids of 4000 years ago, we have a chance to cultivate a deeper knowledge, respect, and actively preserve a nearly lost icon.  The impact of this relationship between humans and the Rowan struggles on, which means we, too, as a culture can rise above the risks of technology and define dynamic-success of our lived experience in the digital era… 

Get the full story and more findings with a copy of the publication The Tree of Life: Lost Secrets of the Rowan, and go beyond the content to discovering your organic self. Technology gives us a chance to reclaim the appreciation and prevent it from going extinct. And maybe in doing so… we will all feel a little more human in this digital era. A significant journey.


Interview Conclusion

Continue the Journey at The-Orchard.org

This concludes the interview with Dr Rand. Please see media for additional interview presentations featured in ABC News outlets across the U.S.


To live a significant life is to seek organically different and dynamic solutions that begin with each individual choosing to discover their organically original essence. Whether you purchase the book, a pen, soap, or enjoy libations from this unique and virtually in accessible product, at minimum you will learn about a long-lost friend of humanity: the Rowan. 

For those feeling alone, do not hesitate to reach out… And for those who know someone feeling alone invite them to learn the full story of this remarkable tree, lead toward a deeper real friendship by discussing it with them, and discover how together we can reverse the loneliness epidemic.

We are blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this if we tag them :-)

Clint Eastwood. As a young academic with a recently published dissertation, he honored my work in American Sniper and I would like a chance to shake his hand and say thank you in person. 

How can our readers follow you on social media? 

Interact with me exclusively on LinkedIn, visit me at www.The-Orchard.org or at www.jpaulrand.com 

Thank you so much for these insights. This was so inspiring, and so important!


www.the-Orchard.org products listed below featured in Huffington Post outlets

www.the-Orchard.org products listed below featured in Huffington Post outlets

Rand's 5 Rowan Berry Products

Print Publication

Lost Medicinal Secrets of the Tree of Life: Rowan Berry Research ~ RSolutions wine, tea, soap, vodka

Explore, Discover, and Learn the secrets...

Research Here

Articles Here

Ryabinovka ~ Rowan Vodka

Ryabinovka - ROWAN VODKA. only 9000 L made globally, most controlled by RSolutions. NY TIMES feature

Ryabinovka (Rowan) vodka uses wild and organic rowan berries. Only 6000 L. made world-wide, nearly all by Rand. 

Featured by NY TIMES!

Diodah Wine

DIODA WINERY owned by RSolutions. Using a 1200 yr old ROWANBERRY recipe. Partners with PASEK CELLARS

Diodah unlocks a 600 year old recipe for Viking fruit wine with R&D by RSolutions and production by the PNW's best Fruit Winery & Award winning MEADERY

Rowan Berry Tea

#VIKINGVITAMIN rowanberry tea and clinical research by Dr J Paul Rand & RSolutions proven to work!

Proven effective as a natural agent combating cancer, fighting inflammation, IBS, Diabetes, and even hemorrhoids. At minimum you wont suffer a sinus infection again!

Tree of Life and Rowan Berry Pens

Obtain an executive or hand made orchard pen. money preserves the orchard. $195/pen with rowan ink!

Limited Supply handmade Rowan Berry pens by www.GWpens.com - John Grecco has been commissioned to make pens for the Pope, Prince Henry, and now RSolutions using 140 year old fallen limbs of the iconic Rowan Berry Tree.

Customized options available!

Rowan Berry Soap


Lab tested to fight MRSA, STAPH, and E.Coli. This soap uses berries in a sustainable and laboratory proven method to improve your health by combating these skin diseases.