ROWAN VODKA - by Skip rock distillers


Globally, there are 3000L of wild, organic, rowan vodka made each year. This rare vodka is unique - enjoyed best straight and as a sipping vodka. The unique and traditional distilling secrets have caused this product to be sold for well over $95 a bottle - IF YOU CAN GET ANY! 

Featured in the New York Times by an editor who happened across some in 2005 while in Moscow, this vodka is now a unique spirit available in the USA. Dr Rand, THE-ORCHARD and Skip Rock have teamed up and completed a 3-year R&D process to master ancient techniques to make this original spirit as close to what ancient cultures would have drank some 700 years ago. 


Skip Rock Distillers, a multi-gold medal national distillery, is well on it's way to more golds with this unique spirit. And what's best - rumor has it a conversation of this nature may be had on "THE SHARK TANK" very soon:

"Yes, Mr. Wonderful..This product is going extinct. In most US States the Rowan Tree - the Tree of Life - is considered an evasive species and can not legally be planted beyond ornamental purposes. Further, Mr Wonderful, the tree of near extinct so 90% of the competition is overseas or growing in US national forests. With a 15 year lead time and trees growing well over 100 years old - it would be 15-20 years to match our production capability - best case." 

With the largest grove of organic, wild rowan berry at our reach, we will match the global market-share (and ready to offer more if that's what it takes to save The-Orchard from urban development in Seattle).

Dedicated to the highest quality ingredients - from Ice-cold Mount Rainer Glacial Water, to 100% all organic products, and hand-picked wild, organic, Rowan inspected and approved by biologist to have the highest and purest concentrate of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and flavanoids.  


Why Skip Rock

Many were interested, but our exclusive partner has a commitment and multiple proven national gold medals to back up their focus. 

Because everyone enjoys skipping rocks and everyone will enjoy this original spirit. 

This sipping vodka unlocks a 4000 year old culture secret, includes the publication "The Orchard" upon your first purchase and retails at $129.97 

Private Reserve Release Jan 2020