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Organically Different - Linking people, culture and technology. Putting HUMAN back into DATA!

  • Link Human Performance (EI) with educational systems to drive human performance
  • Integrate (EI) with Business Strategy Method tested, vetted, and proven... 
  • Link people (EI), teams (BI) and artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve Culture-ROI with our method

With a proven framework with connect all levels of the organization to ensure learning (high quality education), performance (with coaching), business analytics (real-time research) in cooperation with the Strategic Learning Alliance and Nestor Up. 

THINK TANK: an applied approach to Culture-ROI

Advisers to the White House, Dept of Defense, and Fortune 100 Executives in the City of Companies: Seattle, Washington

  • 85% of companies in Seattle deployed our method during the recession
  • Since then Seattle has been a top 3 growing city every year
  • the time-tested and proven "Great Model" fused with Rand's applied professional science (APS) method is tested, independently vetted by federal and state agencies, and indisputably ensured Seattle's hyper-growth this past decade transforming it from RAIN CITY to CITY OF COMPANIES!

We support mico, small, medium, and large organizations. Lead with the organizational strategy and license or hire us to deliver EI and AI services to drive your organization through the rise of the learning economy. 

Achieve Culture-ROI today!