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Print Copies on tours only or by order for minimum sized speaking events, for counselors, coach-consultants to guide their practice with sound, evidence-based, and awarded systems designed by RAND and brought to life in various publications to REACH any audience you might serve!


Under  the supervision of Dr J Paul Rand, co-publish and co-produce your own  work with any number of chapter books or selections on wellness,  well-being, veteran, PTSD, recreation, leadership, coaching,  organizational performance & more! Why read, BE An Author with an  Authority like Rand!



PTSD Solutions (2020)

The Orchard: PTSD solutions by Dr J Paul Rand & Combat Veterans. An organically dynamic system (C)

A decade of organically dynamic research by Dr J Paul Rand, recounts a creative experience and process helping Veterans Get Right, & Be Well at The Orchard!

(c) 2016|2018

Leadership: A Culture (2018)

Leadership: a culture, by Col. (ret) Russel Gold links leadership, the boardroom & battle field (C)

Full Print Publication Focuses on Heuristic Research conducted by Rand's Veteran-Success Team with Rhodes Scholar Col. Russel Gold

(c) 2016|2018

The Club: Riding4right (2014)

Riding4Right featured by CBS and inspired a scene in American sniper (c) 2011 "Get right"

REAL, Grit - stories from Riding4right an outreach motorcycle club. Featured by CBS this club inspired a scene in "American Sniper" and recounts immersion research by Dr J Paul Rand (C) 2011|2014|2018

Career Development System (2013)

Career Development System endorsed by 1200 hiring professionals nationally! (c) 2013|2018

An applied learning system endorsed by 1200 HR professionals. New publication release updates a decade of labor economic research. FULLY Interactive Learning

(c) 2013|2019

Wine your way 2 wellness! (2017)

#wine #rowanberry Wine your Way to Wellness - read, reflect, make wine!

Wellness is MUCH better when you MAKE WINE @ The Orchard. Applied system lets you create wine and it matures over 2 years you work to attain well-being... 

(c) 2014|2017

Learning to Learn (2009)

Learning to learn is an applied tool kit accrediting system for the SLA

Transform ordinary Learning, Training, & Development into an applied-learning and accredited system. Includes certification and international degrees just by adding "Learning to Learn" to your class!




Working with Dr J Paul Rand, and RSolutions (Research Solutions), we can bring your voice, your story, and back you with evidence-based pre-made chapters in coaching, organizational development, learning theory, training, HR, strategy and many other topic areas. 

Ideal for the aspiring coach, consultant, or young professional wanting to establish authority, but ensuring their voice relates to the branding and backing of a Forbes Scholar such as Dr J Paul Rand and award winning research system such as RSolutions. 


We work exclusively with Dr J Paul Rand to produce books for speaking and consulting engagement. Rand often works with publishers outside of Orchard Press, such as the Forbes network, and online print; but all original research begins with his friends here at home. We are happy to help kick-start his books until they are branded for widespread publishing under major labels. 


Rand is regularly featured in Forbes, Huffington Post network, the Business Journal (national), Puget Sound Business Journal and other leading edge mainstream media outlets. If you wish to interview rand, please contact us through the contact page. We manage this site and others for Rand. 


Coming 2020! By invite only for new authors and scholars; established author? Contact us for review and nomination to this exclusive and one-of-a-kind opportunity to access Dr J Paul Rand and The-Orchard. For the first time ever, The-Orchard will house non-military participants to attend INSPIRA DISCIPLINA events and be inspired to advance their writing careers. So much to share... details in 2020! 

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