Dr. J Paul Rand LIVE on Forbes Radio, Authority Summit Jan 2018, discussing seminal research forging the evidence that "leadership is a culture, not a role." Rand provides a backstory to many recent features in both humanistic and organizational psychology research in this MUST LISTEN live radio int

ORCHARD-PRESS & RSolutions Research

Orchard-Press produces online and print research for RSolutions:

Organically different reading promoting dynamic and success psychology...

Achieve Organizational Culture-ROI: Co-Publishing

Empower employee performance, align business strategies, and leverage AI to power performance improvement with learning, coaching, and research methods proven to achieve effective people-first organizational strategies. 

  • Think: define the mission, vision, values of the organization
  • Act: inspire a leadership culture by creating a leadership system to promote individual speakers, writers, and culture agents
  • Lead: create a culture of leadership inspiring employee innovation, research, and learning powered by our proven system, tools, and software solutions to drive Culture-ROI 


  • Career Development (2011|2013); 2020 re-release by RSolutions Staff pending.
  • Veteran Success: an applied model of applied leadership. From the battlefield to the boardroom (2018)
  • Learning to Learn: an foundation to performance in education (2009| 2015)
  • Leadership & Learning: a practical guide to professional success (2016)
  • Inspira Disciplina Ducatus: research notes on whole person professional performance (2017)
  • Get-Hire System (2013| 2020). Re-Release by RSolutions staff 
  • Applied Professional Sciences: an applied textbook to organizational success (textbook; 2021 pending)
  • And more...! Follow Dr J Paul Rand on LinkedIn for previews, summaries and insights of various research publications created in cooperation with RSolutions.

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Print Copies on tours only or by order for minimum sized speaking events, for counselors, coach-consultants to guide their practice with sound, evidence-based, and awarded systems designed by RAND and brought to life in various publications to REACH any audience you might serve!