Dr J Paul Rand, MBA, CPCN

Creating dynamic cultures of leadership - organizational and community development expert

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Rand innovated a multidimensional method to put the human back into the workforce, back into the digital economy, and back into the life experience. 

Invite only services to high-net worth, high-profile, and high-performance teams. Apply for eligibility. 

Endorsed by a Traumatic Brain Injury Center program director saying Rand's applied research did more in three months for patients than they could in three years...

RSolutions THINK TANK based in Seattle WA the City of Companies run by Dr Paul Rand

RSolutions, an "Applied" Think Tank at The-Orchard

Organically Dynamic Research Incubator and Think-Tank:

Research dedicated to linking people, cultures and technology...!

An IP Strategic Business Advisory Think-Tank (privately funded) advancing Strategic Innovation in AI-Technology, Organizational Sciences, EdTech, Education, Public Policy and Product Research. 

RSolutions provides a variety of IP and equity programs and advisory services based on evidence-based research from start-up to Fortune 100 organizations.

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image12 a Non-Profit Charity

Organically Dynamic Products & Experience:

Dedicated to preserving the only grove of Rowanberry in the lower 48 States. - Better known in many cultures as the "Tree of Life" 

Rowan Berry Wine |  Diodah

Rowan Berry Vodka | Ryabinovka

Rowan Berry Health | Research

 Rowan Berry Products

Soap | Tea

A Decade Long Dedication to preservation and protection of a 3.5 acre Therapy-Research Park that now includes RSolutions conducting clinical trials for medical grade soap using Rowan Berry. Lab test confirm efficacy of rowan berry in fighting MRSA/STAPH. 

This is in addition to a private label  vodka - produced by a multiple gold medal winning distillery using 100% organic product and a 700 year old recipe and custom fountain pens (made by distinguished artist John Grecco - who has made pens for Prince Henry, the Pope, President Obama and more).

This team now working exclusively with Dr J Paul Rand and