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Dr J Paul Rand, MBA, CPCN

Inspira Disciplina Ducatus

Creating dynamic cultures of leadership 

  • Learn REAL-REACH
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A performance psychologist for high-performance men and women executives

RSolutions THINK TANK based in Seattle WA the City of Companies run by Dr Paul Rand

RSolutions "Applied" Think Tank

Organically Dynamic Incubator and Think-Tank:

Research dedicated to linking people, cultures and technology...!

An IP Strategic Business Advisory Think-Tank (privately funded) advancing Strategic Innovation in AI-Technology, Organizational Sciences, EdTech, Education, Public Policy and Product Research. 

RSolutions provides a variety of IP and equity programs from start-up to Fortune 100 organizations.

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Organically Dynamic Products & Experience:

Dedicated to preserving the only grove of Rowanberry in the lower 48 States. - Better known in many cultures as the "Tree of Life" 

Rowan Berry Wine |  Diodah

Rowan Berry Vodka | Ryabinovka

Rowan Berry Health | Research

 Rowan Berry Products

Soap | Tea

A Decade Long Dedication to preservation and protection of a 3.5 acre Therapy-Research Park that now includes RSolutions conducting clinical trials for medical grade soap using Rowan Berry. Lab test confirm efficacy of rowan berry in fighting MRSA/STAPH. 

This is in addition to a private label  vodka - produced by a multiple gold medal winning distillery using 100% organic product and a 700 year old recipe and custom fountain pens (made by distinguished artist John Grecco - who has made pens for Prince Henry, the Pope, President Obama and more).

This team now working exclusively with Dr J Paul Rand and The-Orchard.org 

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