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Dedicated to putting the human back into the digital era, into the workplace, and into the human experience.... helping:

  • Combat Veterans
  • Military/Special Force  & DoD Leaders
  • Crime Victims
  • Venerable and At-Risk populations
  • Highly visible leaders, celebrities, and executives

Endorsed by the Hospital Director of a Traumatic Brain Injury Center stating The-Orchard "program did more in three months than we could in three years"

Seminal research of dynamic-success psychology launched in 2007... but a surprising discovery occurred in 2017 



 Rand and his research team discovered The-Orchard grounds had a secret....

The only grove of Rowan Berry Trees - better known as the "Tree of Life" in multiple cultures - grows organically and wild on this site:

  • Rowanberry, or the Tree of Life, known as a tree of knowledge, wisdom, and protection in 4000 years of culture;
  • Rowanberry can fight MRSA; has more anti-oxidants than a blue berry; and has more vitamin C than an orange;
  • Rowanberry was revered for protective powers, used as the wizards wand in multiple Nordic, Celtic, and Druid societies;
  • Sign up for a free full research overview of this iconic tree, legendary for having saved Thor's life, for protecting those in meditation, and more... 

View the products under The-Orchard that Rand has commissioned to be made in an effort to preserve this grove before it is developed! 

Rowan: lost secrets of the tree of life, research by Dr J Paul Rand huffington post SME


Rooted in the science and evidence of psycho-educational method "Inspira Disciplina" Dr J Paul Rand has been well endorsed for his work at 

The-Orchard.org with health, at-risk, and venerable populations.

This organically dynamic applied Think-Tank is specifically created to:

  • Unlock organic intentional awareness of the inner-character 
  • Leverage dynamic capabilities to balance focus of actions
  • Cultivate clarity in ambiguity and achieve personal success

The-Orchard.org provides opportunities for retreats, seminars, and overnight stays for executives, writers, and those seeking to live life with intent by taking a technology time-out in an organically-dynamic way.... 

Learn more about The-Orchard.org below... 

DISCOVER... The Tree of Life is going extinct... for Real

Dynamic-success psychology... A Paul Rand Design...


Thought Awareness

Cultivate inner-character with intentional thought... 

  • Balance fear/ego inhibitors
  • Know thyself
  • Learn to lead...
  • Choose to be a leader...
  • Cultivate a successful culture...

Understand your organic essence


Balanced Actions

Live with intentional focus through constant learning of the organically-dynamic self:

Seek to LIVE while LEAVING a legacy


Cultivate Clarity: Live your Significant Life

Achieve confidence of a life worth living while seeking to leave a legacy - the application of knowledge to develop the inner-character and impact the world through positively accentuated and organically-dynamic essence

  • Awarded: for outcomes experienced by combat soldiers
  • Validated: for the depth of educational attainment by multiple state, federal, private, and non profit associations/agencies
  • Original: nowhere else in the world can you find this experience...

Featured in Huffington Post

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A Decade of Science; 4000 years of culture

The-Orchard.org is a must read publication. Rooted in the psychology of dynamic-success, participation is by invite only when working with Dr J Paul Rand. But starting in 2020 your organically-dynamic experience begins...


The-Orchard.org is now officially open to participants. Programs include weekend, week long, and long-term residency options. 

  • A Technology Time-out: Whether you need a technology time-out to reclaim your clarity of intentional focus for a short 1-day/1-Night stay;

  • Dynamic Life By Design:  an immersion into the modern science of success that has helps soldiers combat PTSD while embracing the awarded, publicized, and exclusive inspira program by Dr J Paul Rand; a 3 Night, 2 day experience. 

  • Inspira Residency:  a meaningful retreat to enjoy a good read... a gold medal winning spirit that exclusively available at The-Orchard.... and unlock the organically-dynamic self with a different type of reflective, intentional, and meaningful escape... 5 Day & Night escape!


Participate in programs from the comfort of your home as The-Orchard together with Dr J Paul Rand and his publishing network release secrets of The-Orchard.org - formerly reserved for military leaders, special forces, and participants in a private $45,000 educational program through the Dept of Education. 


From high-end custom fountain pens, to writing journals, to publications, to organic soap made from the iconic rowanberry; the only grove of the real... living... legacy ... the Tree of Life requires your support even if visiting in person is not available. 

Together we can cultivate a better tomorrow... From summits, to programs, to coaching and educational services. No matter where you are in the world you can now support Dr J Paul Rand and his mission to preserving the rowanberry before it goes extinct. 

What does it mean for humanity if we let the Tree of Life continue to go extinct? 

Start the journey

www.the-orchard.org dedicated to dynamic-success led by SME Dr J Paul Rand

www.the-orchard.org dedicated to dynamic-success led by SME Dr J Paul Rand