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Ryabinovka ~ Rowan Vodka


Ryabinovka (Rowan) vodka uses wild and organic rowan berries. Only 6000 L. made world-wide, nearly all by Rand and his Gold Medal winning distillery team! 

Featured by NY TIMES & Huffington Post Networks

Diodah Wine


Diodah unlocks a 700 year old recipe for Viking fruit wine with R&D by RSolutions and production by the PNW's best Fruit Winery & Award winning MEADE maker!

Rowan Berry Tea


Proven effective as a natural agent combating cancer, fighting inflammation, IBS, Diabetes, and even hemorrhoids. 

At minimum you wont suffer a sinus infection again!

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Rowan Tree Fountain Pen


Made by an international artist who has been commissioned by Prince Henry, the Pope, President Obama, and more... Now partnered with Dr J Paul Rand making the worlds only rowan berry wooden pen. 

Legend has it that its bad luck to cut the tree- these pens come from 135 year old trees as branches fall organically... very rare... a must have functional heirloom quality piece of art!

Rowan Berry Soap

Rowanberry soap by RSolutions, medical grade

Lab tested to fight MRSA, STAPH, and E.Coli. This soap uses berries in a sustainable and laboratory proven method to improve your health by combating these skin diseases. 

RSolutions is partnering with a USDA 100% organic certified manufacture to bring you... real.. quality... rowan berry soap. RSolutions launches phase two clinical studies in 2020 for this medical grade!