Why would you sign important documents without this....

The Rowan Tree, or Tree of Life, was so revered by many cultures, that to cut the limbs was to wish upon yourself a lifetime of bad luck; to cut a tree resulted in corporal punishment. The wood was reserved for Druid Priests and Priestesses, wands for the likes of Harry Potter and Gandalf (the real ones in their culture - seriously!)

Free Publication for All:

Learn everything you need to know about the mystical, historical, and health properties of the Rowan with Dr J Paul Rand's complimentary publication dedicated to helping save this piece of land, the ONLY organic Rowanberry grove in the US. THE-ORCHARD will ONLY allow pens to be made when branches from the 145 year old trees fall to the ground naturally - why buck 4000 years of cultural belief just because we have SmartPhones? Just Saying...

Worthwhile Investment:

As a result there are just a few pens available each year! This ensures your investment into a collector piece, and it's our promise to the effort to preserve this iconic tree, share its history, and preserve the only known grove of living Tree of Life still capable of helping restore the tree from the brink of extinction. 

The Rowan is known primarily as the tree of protection - so why would you NOT have a quality pen for those special occasions? Purchase a house? A boat? A car? Sign those rare but really meaningful birthday cards. All with the protection of the iconic rowan wood. 

  • Scottish highlanders kept wooden amulets on their kilt to ensure they passed to the afterlife if killed in battle
  • Norse would execute anyone who damaged or destroyed the Tree of Life in their community
  • Irish staked the dead to ensure spirits did not haunt the living, using a Rowan stave. 
  • British planted the tree in front of their homes to fend off evil witches - so much so that the tree is all but extinct as the exhaust poisoned the berries and has stopped organic growth of the rowan in the EU.

ROWAN WOOD FOUNTAIN PEN: Believe the lore and history or not, but at minimum respect the history. Dr J Paul Rand, in his book The Orchard, details his process of teaching combat veterans to live with intent. A program endorsed by many agencies. If you desire to live with intent, why not value signing those REALLY RARE and REALLY IMPORTANT life documents with a pen designed to look over you....? Dial it up a notch - add diamonds or birthstones and have a one of a kind collector-demanded piece. A recent appraisal of the inaugural pen with Alexadanderite (the stone of human duality discussed in Rand's publication - Inspira) pushes the value to over $15,000

Executive pens - not able to be among the very few people owning a Rowanberry Pen - RSolutions and THE-ORCHARD have teamed up to provide high quality executive and writers pens. 100% of all proceeds going to continued outreach and charity work at THE-ORCHARD. 

These pens are valued at $45 and $25 each. More coming Jan 2020!


John Grecco is a world renown wooden pen artists. Don't believe us? We only partner with the best at RSolutions and THE-ORCHARD, so here are some facts about our friend John:

  • Commissioned to create the Pope's Pen
  • Commissioned to create a pen for Prince Henry
  • Commissioned to create a White House Wood pen following restoration
  • Commissioned to create a pen using wood from the 1500s. 
  • Featured as the international wooden pen creator int he largest pen and ink magazine in the world

He is a master. He is an artist. And he is dedicated to our organically dynamic effort by creating RARE, HAND MADE, CUSTOMIZED FOUNTAIN PENS. 

The Inaugural pen will be available for $2020 in 2020 and select purchasers will receive a complimentary week long stay at THE-ORCHARD, valued at $4995