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This page is dedicated to individual and unique articles where Rand is not a regular featured SME.

 In many cases Rand or his work - print publications - are cited for SME and research value in the areas of business, labor economics (career), Human Resources, performance psychology, parenting and more.

Articles are based on seminal research conducted by Rand in his applied-incubator at The-Orchard or from his 15 years working with over 85% of the personnel departments in the City of Companies - Seattle, Washington. 

Drawing from his cross-sector and multi-industry human factors research, Rand puts the human back into the workplace and the digital-economy... 

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A Performance Psychologist Perspective

Rand is featured for his seminal research dating back to 2007 working with combat veterans, special forces, military leaders, and Fortune 100 leaders to sleep better and develop their inner-self with this simple three-step process to resolving nightmares. 

Common among veterans, this NBC feature in Nov 2019 shares these tips with everyday people

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RAND has been on Forbes Radio, cited in Forbes, and is working on his FORBES BOOK 2020 publication(s)

He has been featured regularly in author round ups, but is also a featured by this major media outlet as an SME

Rand & AI Partner NESTORUP.com in: Welp Magazine


AI and the Future of HR

As a leading SME in organizational sciences, Rand was asked for insights to highlight up and coming technology solutions for the HR industry. Check out this feature in WELP MAGAZINE that has been a trending article in Humanresource # in multiple social sites! 

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An 10-year long Awarded HR SME

Rand is featured for his seminal research dating back to 2005 to capture research and test innovative solutions to personnel performance in what Rand describes as a people-first "CultureROI" strategy

Feature Interview Publish Date Dec 2020

Rand Featured in: INSPIRATO Magazine


Why A Learning Sabbatical?

Coming Dec 2019!

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Leading researcher and author dedicated to supporting the professionalism of the fastest growing job in America "DADJOB"

He has been featured regularly in author round ups, but is also a featured author for this child and learning focused media outlet

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Follow Rand's Up Journey Articles

In 2020 Up Journey has requested Rand provide regular insights on human performance, organizational performance, and tips for mastering career success. 

He has been featured regularly in author round ups, but is also a featured author for this personal mastery focused media outlet

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"Veterans need more researchers like Rand..."

This leading motorcycle company is among many featuring Dr J Paul Rand's seminal work with applied research theory and motorcycle riding during his doctoral dissertation. get the REAL and FULL grit by getting his publication "The Club" as part of the 2020 DADJOB book and learning program!

Rand was endorsed by multiple agencies for his work with combat riders

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Rand is a Leadership SME focused on human capital performance and organizational development. Featured in 34 Cities with regular features also in the Puget Sound Business Journal. Watch for Subscription Free access to his articles!

Rand's dissertation: proquest


Rands PhD Dissertation

Rand provides research exclusively through RSolutions, but see his scholarly work in places such as proquest.