Education (EI) Emotional Intelligence Begins with Education

Culture-ROI begins...

When people (employees) learn to lead by developing emotional-intelligence, cultivating practical soft-skills, and learn to lead in their professional roles....

RSolutions Business Intelligence System

Linking people, teams, and organization requires thinking, acting, and leading strategically to clarify, align, and focus organizational objectives. Our method is time-tested, featured by Harvard research as the leading method of creating people-focused success strategies by leveraging learning, business optimization, and human capital performance to attain organizational profitable growth...

Learning to Lead:

Leverage EI and BI to drive culture-roi by investing into the learning economy with RSolutions evidence-based, accredited, and human-capital performance (soft-skill) focused educational programs....

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Evidence based practice. Research. Applied Professional Sciences.... 

  • We have tested
  • We have measured
  • We have defined
  • We have validated: by the government, by business, by NPO/NGO community providers

YOU GET THE BENEFIT - WHITE LABEL, LICENSE, or Accredit a certification, program, or center of Applied Professional Sciences through the expertise of Dr J Paul Rand and his SLA/APS team. 

Recognized by the White House as the LEADING authority of Dept of Labor focused accreditation standards, tests, and measures. Now POWERED BY AI with our partners at 

quality programs


In cooperation with Strategic Learning Alliance, courses include coaching, research, leadership, negotiations, and more... 



Diploma and International Degree programs offered with Strategic Learning Alliance and the College of Development & Training, Ontario.


In cooperation with the Applied Professional Sciences Association, membership includes personnel, organizational, and culture development tools, programs, and presentations