Dr J Paul Rand... An Authority


Rand was featured live by Forbes Radio Star Gregg Stebben. Rand works regularly with counter parts on the consulting side of the Forbes system but also directly with Forbes VP's at Forbes Books, Forbes Radio. He has also been cited by Forbes as a leading organizational psychologist and leadership SME. 

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From making policy proposals to the White House, to advising and presenting on National Security to Department of Defense, to multiple presentations at the Society of HR Management College Council, RAND is a REAL Speaker with REAL experience and not a paid actor!

RAND featured in Forbes

Article by Heidi Kurter

Rand has been interviewed with Forbes and works regularly with Forbes VP's at Forbes Books, Forbes Speakers, and a new Forbes system.... coming soon!

Meanwhile, Forbes recognizes Dr J Paul Rand as an SME in organizational design. While Rand is working actively to link people, teams, and culture with his AI powered team and research scientists, check out the feature by this Forbes Author citing Rand about the future of work!