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Dr J Paul Rand will be launching his regular news letter  EXCLUSIVELY through LinkedIn! Follow him today to get access. Rand is exclusively on LinkedIn and invites contacts and followers to work with him there! 

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By following Rand and obtaining his news letter, you get regular subscription free article access to such publications as: Puget Sound Business Journal, National Business Journal, Huffington Post outlets, FORBES, and more! 


Rand pre-release draft articles, tips, and data for publications that sometimes may be 1-3 years out. Get sneak peak insights on research, findings, and trends in organizational development, leadership, human capital performance from him and co-researchers EXCLUSIVELY by following him on LinkedIn. Use the Table of Contents to select articles!

The Table of Contents is always one click under the featured Article. 

FEATURED ARTICLE: A White House Policy Proposal - The Rise of the Learning Economy

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