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Rand helped education, advise and influence over 85% of the personnel departments in Seattle before shifting focus to becoming a performance psychologist after his method of competency-based research influenced the Society of HR Management to adopt new test & measurements for certifications. 

As a performance psychologist he has been endorsed by the VA/Dept of Defense for his innovative educational-psychology method he delivered through private research at

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From K-12, to Higher Education, to Grass-Roots NPOs, to International NGOs, to the towers of Amazons Corporate HQ in the "City of Companies" (Seattle, Wa) and to the halls of Boeing and beyond, Rand is recognized as a leader of organizational science, business strategy, human design research, leadership development, and human capital performance consulting.


Rand has provided policy advise to the White House on education, national security and labor policy matters. 

He is the leading scholar of dynamic-success psychology, the focus of his work with combat veterans, special force members, military command, and at-risk populations for over a decade at The-Orchard.


A serial entrepreneur, Rand is the Executive Director of an IP

 Incubator & Holdings Company:

  • Organizational Performance Consulting 
  • AI Technology System
  • Non-profit and civic educational products and programs 
  • Land-use therapy and research system
  • Accreditation services Organization 
  • Executive Retreat Center
  • Organically Dynamic Products from the Tree of Life: Vodka, Soap, Pens
  • Business Strategy & Capital Investment/Development Firm

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