"Paul... in my experience producing 12 NY Times Best Sellers... Putting Pen to Paper is the Hardest"

 Dr Bob Arnot, better known as Dr Danger from his hit reality TV show in the early 2000's, and I once discussed the challenge writers face. 

The-Orchard.org provides a solution. A RARE year-round Retreat and Residency program for thought leaders, writers, celebrities, and others to take a "technology time-out", to put "pen to paper" and to produce a publication (print and publishing options included for new authors)!

Invite Only, so get application or nominations submitted for 2020 in ASAP!

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A Decade of Science; 4000 years of culture

The-Orchard.org is a must read publication. Rooted in the psychology of dynamic-success, participation is by invite only when working with Dr J Paul Rand. But starting in 2020 your organically-dynamic experience begins...


The-Orchard.org is now officially open to participants. Programs include weekend, week long, and long-term residency options. 

  • A Technology Time-out: Whether you need a technology time-out to reclaim your clarity of intentional focus for a short 1-day/1-Night stay;

  • Dynamic Life By Design:  an immersion into the modern science of success that has helps soldiers combat PTSD while embracing the awarded, publicized, and exclusive inspira program by Dr J Paul Rand; a 3 Night, 2 day experience. 

  • Inspira Residency:  a meaningful retreat to enjoy a good read... a gold medal winning spirit that exclusively available at The-Orchard.... and unlock the organically-dynamic self with a different type of reflective, intentional, and meaningful escape... 5 Day & Night escape!


Participate in programs from the comfort of your home as The-Orchard together with Dr J Paul Rand and his publishing network release secrets of The-Orchard.org - formerly reserved for military leaders, special forces, and participants in a private $45,000 educational program through the Dept of Education. 


From high-end custom fountain pens, to writing journals, to publications, to organic soap made from the iconic rowanberry; the only grove of the real... living... legacy ... the Tree of Life requires your support even if visiting in person is not available. 

Together we can cultivate a better tomorrow... From summits, to programs, to coaching and educational services. No matter where you are in the world you can now support Dr J Paul Rand and his mission to preserving the rowanberry before it goes extinct. 

What does it mean for humanity if we let the Tree of Life continue to go extinct? 

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www.the-orchard.org dedicated to dynamic-success led by SME Dr J Paul Rand

www.the-orchard.org dedicated to dynamic-success led by SME Dr J Paul Rand


www.the-orchard.org applied research and think-tank with RSolutions and Dr J Paul Rand, an SME

Writer Retreat, Residency, & Publishing

This page provides the details you need to prepare for a "technology time-out" at THE-ORCHARD.org - a year round center for research, reading, writing. Programs are outlined here, see content below for specifics. 

This is an invite only but due to contributions 95% of all applicants will obtain a tuition assistance scholarship, work & write package, or tuition reduction for creative contribution to THE-ORCHARD.org 

Rowan Berry Orchard Writer Residency: Research, Write, and Serve

Immerse yourself into the history, the lore, and the service inspiring iconic rowan berry program:

  • 3 month to 9 month on-site "organically dynamic" residency.
  •  Read, write, relax, work and immerse fully into the ONLY Rowan Berry Orchard in the World. 
  • This residency may include organic meals for you to prepare several times a year. 

Scholarships or Writer-Work programs include learning new digital marketing skills, providing operations support, fundraising, and other activities to earn-while-you write while living at The-Orchard. 

Details below. 

INSPIRA RETREAT: to breath in life intent to leave a legacy

Based on Dr J Paul Rand's award winning psycho-educational program, retreats can last as little as 1 day, but typically are designed around 3-day immersions several times a year for maximum impact.

 Maybe you will meet members of the special forces, military leadership, thought leaders, or executives from the CITY OF COMPANIES - Seattle Washington?

Regardless who you meet, you will discover a process to unlock your dynamic self.

  •  By following Rand's method of INSPIRA equipped with his publication, you will walk a path that will connect your future with the iconic 4000 year lore of Rowan Berry tree.
  • The  only Rowan Berry Tree Orchard in the US -  better known as the Tree of Life
  • The tree is known as the tree of wisdom, knowledge, and protection
  • Adjust your present self to do something dynamic daily by visiting The-Orchard.org

 Whether it is focus for 3 days to produce a research abstract, or spending a week unleashing your dream to write a creative essay, or finally tackling the itch to write that American novel - you write, you read, and you immerse into the orchard starting with a DYNAMIC focus - putting pen to paper...   

Details below. 

5th Essence Center Summits: leading others through whole-person learning

Dr J Paul Rand will allow selected Fellows to use the Orchard "HUT" for coaching, counseling, and business daily use. 

  • Maybe you need a "technology time-out" from work, kids, or  play just to dig-deep, get back to nature, FOCUS. and move forward? 
  • Maybe you are a certified professional coach and want a unique environment to pitch 1-8 clients in small groups? 
  • Maybe you are a counselor and want to balance walking, breathing, and Inspira programs into your regular practice? 

You have the clients; we have the space. Quiet. Confidential. No tech. No Problem. 

Publish with Orchard-Press

New to writing? That's OK, we have multiple publishers to help. Experienced, we work in collaboration with Forbes and leading SEO and digital media outlets. 

  • Keep your publishing rights, have any one of our editors and publishers produce your work.
  • Whatever works for you, we have a solution. 
  • Your focus - dynamic success as a writer - we do the rest. 
  • Digital readers: 1M monthly
  • Audio: 2M
  • Syndicated Media: 50M (HUFF-POST) monthly
  • Former clients on direct mail: 23,000

Leverage our system to finally write that book while continuing with your life... let the book be your legacy that leads you on a new journey but without the risk, effort, and hassle of "trying to make it, first..."

Details at Under Orchard-Press on the menu bar.


The Inspira Disciplina Program is a $35,000 program, including travel and living expenses. Fellows will receive a full coverage under a write-and-serve system supporting The-Orchard.org through writing, marketing, selling, and other services based on the Vodka, Wine, Retreats, Pens, Soap, and Publications exclusively at The-Orchard. 

No other Rowan berry providers exists in the US, and with the tree going-extinct, this is a great opportunity to preserve the Tree of Life.  Get the whole story!