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Dr J Paul Rand, featured by Forbes as an SME in Organizational Science
Dr J Paul Rand nominated and selected as a Business Journal Leadership SME. Articles in 43 Cities.
Dr J Paul Rand is regularly featured in ThriveGlobal and other authority sites such as Huff Post
Rand has been interviewed by CBS and NBC as the leading research psychologist in the US
Dr J Paul Rand is recognized not only as a consultant but a serial business entrepreneur by HuffPost
Dr J Paul Rand's insights often appear in BuzzFeed and other HUFFPOST outlets. An awarded researcher

Dr J paul Rand... An Authority...

Dr J Paul Rand, Forbes, Huffington, White House and leading scholar of dynamic-success psychology


As an expert in Organizational Leadership, Rand helped educate, advise, and influence over 85% of the personnel departments in Seattle.  His method of competency-based research influenced the Society of HR Management to adopt new test & measurements for certifications. 

He has been featured for his research and development of an Organizational Culture-ROI Thought-Leadership system featured by Huffington Post

He routinely writes as a member of the American City Business Journal Leadership Trust with over 16M monthly readers published in 43 cities.  

Voted 2020 Coach of the Decade by a network of 13,000 independently certified professional coaches
---- ---- ---- featured in MEDIUM. A Paul Rand design putting human into the tech era.


 As a leading Dynamic-Success Performance Psychologist Rand has been endorsed by the VA/Dept of Defense for his innovative educational-psychology method he delivered through private research at 

As an awarded Culture Researcher he is a leading scholar of dynamic-success psychology, the focus of his work with combat veterans, special force members, military commanders and at-risk populations for over a decade at

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An applied think-tank and thought leadership incubator run by Dr J Paul Rand with


 An Executive Director of an IP Investment Firm providing thought-leadership research and incubation services:

  • Invite-Only Thought-Leadership Incubator (as featured in Huffington Post and Live on 5th Ave at Forbes)
  • Culture-ROI Research  Consulting Firm (an applied Think-Tank) 
  • Accreditation Test & Measurement IP Incubator: SLA
  • NPO Management Firm: Applied Professional Science: 13,000  clients, 6000 coaches, 2 College Providers, 50 Educators
  • Culture-ROI & AI Technology Software system
  • Tree of Life Products (as seen in Huffington Post): 

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Dr. J Paul Rand LIVE on Forbes Radio, Authority Summit Jan 2018, discussing seminal research forging the evidence that "leadership is a culture, not a role." Rand provides a backstory to many recent features in both humanistic and organizational psychology research in this MUST LISTEN live radio int

Regional White House Fellow

Dr J Paul Rand was the youngest elected official in Washington State History (non-partisan role).

In 2019/2020 he continued his non-partisan efforts, being nominated to become a White House Fellow. 

A White House Fellow serves as a Special Attache between the White House and an assigned Cabinet Secretary. The program was started nearly 75 years ago to link community leaders, Subject-Matter-Experts, scholars and distinguished professionals with an opportunity to learn and serve as a non-partisan Fellow. 

Each year over 2500 nominations are made for candidates to be a White House Fellow. 

Of these 50 are appointed Regional White House Fellows.

From these selected, up to15 serve as White House Fellows in the Oval Office for one year.

Dr J Paul Rand was selected as a Regional White House Fellow and has made a policy proposal to the President's Committee outlined below. 

Rand's White House Policy Proposal Outline 2019: 

Respond to National Security workforce development crisis through labor and market responsive Applied Professional Science Academies accredited through the Dept of Labor dedicated to providing relief to the Dept of Education by promoting organizationally funded, recognized, degree/diploma programs:

  • Policy focus on Department of Labor Accreditation Solution
  • Quantitative Easing of Student Loan Debt
  • Maximize workforce development and market-economy response times

Securing labor and market economies and national security by creating a new system to move at the speed of technology while reducing the burden on Department of Education systems. 

Rand's White House Policy Proposal Outline 2020:

Empower pro-active focus of the Department of Labor by overhauling antiquated tests and measures and empower the smallest Department with the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify emerging industries, link people, learning, and attained recognition, and ensure that labor (human) opportunity remains a step ahead of technology 24/7.

Rand identified evidence that the Department of Labor bases jobs information and data not only by "looking through a rear view mirror," but also by relying on antiquated job and industry codes not used in the private sector for over 25 years. This in addition to the evolution of new work, management, and (soft skills, see 2019 proposal) requires rapid and forward-looking solutions to empower US workers to individually take steps to learn and grow. In doing so, we place AI behind the needs of humans without regulation thwarting the opportunity AI presents to expand our future.* 

* Policy proposals are classified, these represent an editorialized vision of the proposal Rand provided. 

For a full perspective see Rand's Huffington Post Interviews under the MEDIA tab 

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