Lost Medicinal Secrets of the Tree of Life: Rowan Berry Research ~ RSolutions wine, tea, soap, vodka

Rowan Berry

rowan berry: Lost medicinal secretes of the tree of life

  Dr J Paul Rand has been unlocking lost secrets of one of the oldest friends forgotten by humanity - the Rowan Berry Tree, better known in Celtic, Druid, Viking, and other cultures as "The Tree of Life"...


SAVE THE LAST ROWAN ORCHARD! Purchase products below and help Dr J Paul Rand save what is believed to be the world's only organic and wild Rowan Berry Orchard. In cooperation with the largest berry winery in the Pacific Northwest, with support from craft distillers, and in partnership with his clinical research partners, Rand provides:


Explore the cultural ethnographic heritage of the berry that created the first mead; discover the health benefits known as the "Viking Vitamin" and design your own way to help preserve what may be the last Rowan Berry Orchard in the world by incorporating this iconic berry into your diet...

Discover the rich, vibrant and mystical 4000 year old history of The Rowan Berry, better recognized as the Tree of Life, that has all but been forgotten until this ground breaking research. Though Rand's work with his team at RSolutions, a detailed history emerges around the lore of Tree of Life. Incredible recent research connects culture and legend with ground breaking understandings in neurological research, and the history of libations, health, and humanity are explored in Rand's publication. 


The Rowan Berry has been recently called the #VikingVitamin. But why? Through Rand's research it has been discovered that Rowan Berry provides incredible health properties. The Rowan Berry:

Rand covers the iconic history of the Rowan Berry in his publication. But true to his expertise as an applied-researcher, Rand has cultivated opportunities for you to unlock the magic, taste, lore and health properties for yourself. 



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Dr J Paul Rand seek to ensure everyone can participate in supporting The Orchard. While executive membership is required to attend events at the 5th Element Center, individuals can purchase products that ensure the Rowan Orchard is preserved. 

As a tree of protection every year for a decade Rand supported combat veterans through recreational therapy in a DoD/VA endorsed system.  

We recognize that due to pricing not all options can meet a budget but remember the Rowan is a product to use in moderation - soap, pens, tea, vodka and wine... 

REAL impact with REAL Rowan Products! 

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Lost Medicinal Secrets of the Tree of Life: Rowan Berry Research ~ RSolutions wine, tea, soap, vodka

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Ryabinovka ~ Rowan Vodka

Ryabinovka - ROWAN VODKA. only 9000 L made globally, most controlled by RSolutions. NY TIMES feature

Ryabinovka (Rowan) vodka uses wild and organic rowan berries. Only 6000 L. made world-wide, nearly all by Rand. 

Featured by NY TIMES!


Diodah Wine

DIODA WINERY owned by RSolutions. Using a 1200 yr old ROWANBERRY recipe. Partners with PASEK CELLARS

Diodah unlocks a 600 year old recipe for Viking fruit wine with R&D by RSolutions and production by the PNW's best Fruit Winery & Award winning MEADERY


Rowan Berry Tea

#VIKINGVITAMIN rowanberry tea and clinical research by Dr J Paul Rand & RSolutions proven to work!

Proven effective as a natural agent combating cancer, fighting inflammation, IBS, Diabetes, and even hemorrhoids. At minimum you wont suffer a sinus infection again!


Rowan Tree Ink & Pen

Obtain an executive or hand made orchard pen. money preserves the orchard. $195/pen with rowan ink!

Yes, ink! The rowan wood also famous for the Harry Potter Wand mixed with ink created from leaves and bark of the tree all put into your hands. 

Customized options available!

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Rowan Berry Soap

Rowanberry is lab tested to combat MRSA, E.coli, and STAPH. Organically different clinical research

Lab tested to fight MRSA, STAPH, and E.Coli. This soap uses berries in a sustainable and laboratory proven method to improve your health by combating these skin diseases. 

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Rowan Berry: Fruit of the Tree of Life!

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about the worlds only Rowan Berry Orchard.  Check out my wine, vodka, tea, soap products and more (below)..

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