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Putting the HUMAN back into BIG-DATA 

Join Us as Dr J Paul Rand & Associates from the "City of Companies"

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 the connect between human psychology and artificial intelligence... 

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moving stories of #DADJOB - a Difficult & Serious Modern American Journey...

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Linking People, Culture  & Technology to create dynamic success!

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Organically different reading promoting dynamic and success psychology. 


Select a publication, customize chapters to your event, and bring Rand in to speak for small group seminars to large group events. Rand is motivating, Inspiring, & and an Authority you don't want to miss!


Read... Reflect... Apply... Certify, Create, or Cultivate REAL experiences at an Organically Dynamic Orchard Retreat Center in Seattle, Washington.

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Research & Learning Co-Publishing

Under the supervision of Dr J Paul Rand, co-publish and co-produce your own work with any number of chapter books or selections on wellness, well-being, veteran, PTSD, recreation, leadership, coaching, organizational performance & more! Why read, BE An Author with an Authority like Rand!

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Chapter Books & Applied Learning Series

PTSD Solutions

The Orchard: PTSD solutions by Dr J Paul Rand & Combat Veterans. An organically dynamic system (C)

A decade of organically dynamic research by Dr J Paul Rand, recounts a creative experience and process helping Veterans Get Right, & Be Well at The Orchard!

(c) 2016|2018

Leadership: A Culture

Leadership: a culture, by Col. (ret) Russel Gold links leadership, the boardroom & battle field (C)

Full Print Publication Focuses on Heuristic Research conducted by Rand's Veteran-Success Team with Rhodes Scholar Col. Russel Gold

(c) 2015|2018

The Club: Riding4right

Riding4Right featured by CBS and inspired a scene in American sniper (c) 2011 "Get right"

REAL, Grit - stories from Riding4right an outreach motorcycle club. Featured by CBS this club inspired a scene in "American Sniper" and recounts immersion research by Dr J Paul Rand (C) 2011|2013|2018

Career & Personnel Development

Career Development System endorsed by 1200 hiring professionals nationally! (c) 2013|2018

An applied learning system endorsed by 1200 HR professionals. New publication release updates a decade of labor economic research. FULLY Interactive Learning

(c) 2013|2019

Wine your way 2 wellness!

#wine #rowanberry Wine your Way to Wellness - read, reflect, make wine!

Wellness is MUCH better when you MAKE WINE @ The Orchard. Applied system lets you create wine and it matures over 2 years you work to attain well-being... 

(c) 2014|2019

learning to learn

Learning to learn is an applied tool kit accrediting system for the SLA

Transform ordinary Learning, Training, & Development into an applied-learning and accredited system. Includes certification and international degrees just by adding "Learning to Learn" to your class!

Join me... As I link People, Cultures, & Technology

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